Friday, May 25, 2012

6 Days on the Road...

... and I'm gonna make it home tonight...some of my constant readers may know of my retirement plan to hit the road again drivin' those big rigs. To that end, after attending a 16 hour refresher course at a local driving school, I secured my "Class A" CDL on 5-9. I am ready to roll now, for when retirement time is right. So in honor of my achievement, I thought I'd find a unique cover of the ol' Dave Dudley song, and here is Steve Earle and the Dukes beltin' out this tune back in '87. Keep on rockin' and of course, keep on truckin'!

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I will never begrudge a man his dream, but if I were in your situation, I'd have retired 5 years ago -- and not to do yet more but different work -- but to play drums & guitar till the cows came home! Me, on the other hand, I'm going to have to work till I'm 70, best case, and not proud of it either!

Dude you are the one & only who turned me on to Steve Earle, talking us into seeing him at the Zoo show low these many years ago. That show blew my mind! From that I went on and bought (or copied from you) I believe every record he's ever released :-)