Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take a Load Off Fanny...

... take a load for free. Today in rock history, in 1969, Bob Dylan receives 38,000 pounds sterling for a one hour performance at the Isle of Wight Festival, backed up by the Band. This would be about $76,000 in today's dollars, depending upon the exchange rate, and that ain't hay! Let's enjoy a vid from that performance (the camera operator didn't seem to get that the drummer was the lead vocalist, and never gave ol' Levon much screen time at all), thanks to, and keep on rockin!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Was Born a Ramblin' Man

... tryin' to make a livin', doin' the best I can...On this date in rock history, in 1973, Allman Brother Butch Trucks breaks his leg in an auto accident in Macon, Georgia, only yards from the spot where Duane Allman was killed two years earlier. Jeeze! You’d think they’d put up a big sign there saying “This is a Bad Place” and then they would all stay the hell away from it. Oh well, I guess they were all born to ramble – what can ya do? Thanks to, Enjoy the vid, and keep on rockin’!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


... do the Harlem Shuffle. Turns out that James, a co-worker and fellow DOLI Llamas bandmate, is also heavily into the Fabulous Flippers, an 8 piece show band known for their synchronized dance steps, out of Lawrence, Kansas, the first of its kind in the Midwest in the mid-'60's. While I was diggin' the band at the Cobblestone Ballroom in Storm Lake, IA and at the Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnold's Park, IA, he was also checkin' 'em out up here in the Twin Cities. The Fab Flips are still around, and just played in Marcus, IA on 8-13; James got to see them, I wasn't so fortunate. Here they are, now and back then, with their signature tune; enjoy, and keep on rockin'!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a Road Runner, Baby!

Today in rock history, in 1963, the first annual Richmond Jazz and Blues Festival opens with Rolling Stones. Well, I don’t know about the jazz part, but back in the day, the Stones were certainly more of an R&B group than anything else. And what a great blues band they could have been, with Jagger's harp and vocals, Brian Jones on rhythm and Keef on the amazing 5-string Tele! Let’s enjoy some early Stones (a rare version of "(I'm A) Road Runner)", and reflect on what could have been. Thanks to for the info, and keep on rockin’!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Really Want to Know Our Views…

… your haven’t done nothing…Today in Rock History, in 1974,Stevie Wonder hit the US chart with 'You Haven't Done Nothing', featuring the Jackson 5 and dedicated to Richard Nixon. Since this is a double negative, since he hasn't done nothing, does this mean that Tricky Dick actually did something? Double negative aside, I will re-dedicate this song to the 2011 Minnesota State Legislature…let’s do better next year, and BTW, keep on rockin’!