Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Austin City Limits...

... now I can say, "Been There, Done That!" I recently took a trip to Austin to escape the winter blahs here in MN. And I decided to go in style - took a "Dog" (That's a greyhound bus to you uninformed), only took 30 hours to get to Austin, what a long strange trip! While I was there I rented a bike, rode around City Lake, paid homage to the SRV statute, took a dip in Barton Springs, visited clubs on 6th Street and South Congress, toured the Texas Museum, the University of Texas, and watched the city shut down after an ice storm that wouldn't even have fazed us here in MN. Oh well...Let's "Keep Austin Weird" and check out a vid by Austin's own Dale Watson, I guy I wish I would have seen down there. Can't do the embedding thing, but you can click on the link. He kind of embodies the whole Austin music experience - "Whiskey or God," what a choice!