Monday, September 28, 2009

Damned if I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday

… and look the Preacher in the eye. Here we have my band Whiskey and Rebellion’s cover of the Drive By Truckers’ song “Sinkhole,” a song about a man who can look his preacher in the eye after knocking off the banker who was trying to take the family farm and burying him in a…you guessed it… sinkhole. A song with an ominous riff that makes you feel that you are standing at the edge of the sinkhole, looking down into the abyss. Strong stuff, but a fun song to play; check it out, and keep on rockin’!
P. S. If you missed us last Friday at the Contented Cow, catch us this Saturday 10-3 at the Heidelberg Bar in Heidelberg, MN.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#9 #9 #9...

I couldn't let 09-09-09 go by without putting up a Beatles-themed post. Also, it's almost exactly 9:00 PM as I write this, so there's another #9 for you. Since this is a red-letter day for us Beatles fans, let me offer up my band's cover of "Come Together." I can tell you that Ringo's deceptively simple drum riff is not so simple, especially if you play it over and over and try to do it exactly the same way each time. Well, I did it, and we got through it; notice especially Chris' screamin' guitar leads during the breaks. Thanks for checking it out, and keep on rockin'!