Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He Was Born in Hibbing...

... up on the Iron Range...happy birthday to Bob Dylan, who is 70 today, still rockin', still filling big halls everywhere, still writing and recording...check out my tribute to Mr. Zimmerman, a song I wrote called "Talkin' Bob Dylan Blues," performed here live at the Slide on Inn (my cousin's basement), Kansas City, MO, 2008...(a couple of minutes of it anyway). BTW, I did check with Mr. Whoamus, everyman's Dylan authority, for historical accuracy, and got a thumbs up (I did take a little bit of poetic license, but, hey, it's gotta rhyme...).

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...


Plus, since even Bob doesn't tell the truth about Bob, you're welllll within the historical safety zone.

Thanks for the song & shout out Mr. Mac, and may you stay forever young.