Thursday, November 12, 2009

When I'm 64...

Today in rock history, Neil Young was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1945. Picking a song and video to celebrate Neil’s life is truly a challenge – his recorded history is vast and difficult to categorize. Well, let’s pick 1980's “Hawks and Doves” then, in honor of finding a copy of the LP in a thrift store yesterday. AKA “Neil goes country and turns right-wing redneck,” this LP puzzled fans and critics alike with its seemingly patriotic and right wing views. This, from the guy who wrote “Ohio.” Ah, well, it's good music, however you slice it. Let’s enjoy Neil and the International Harvesters' version of "Hawks and Doves" live in 1984. Thank God Neil is still around making new music, and keep on rockin’!
P. S. One of the high points of my life in the recent past is learning the bass part to “Cinnamon Girl.”

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