Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Bring Me Down...

Today in rock history, in 1966 “Don’t Bring Me Down,” by the Animals, enters the Top Forty, where it will peak at #12. It will be the last charting single by the original quintet, although Eric Burdon will pilot a new lineup of Animals through the end of the decade. I remember being a big Animals fan when I was a kid – they had a scruffy, everyman kind of appeal, and this song was an anthem to me, a 15 year old rebel just beginning to find his own voice – but now that I’m a vintage Hammond organ owner, I scour their music listening for that distinctive Hammond sound. Rumor has that Alan Price used to run his old Hammond spinet through a Fender Bandmaster, and the organ sound on “House of the Rising Sun” is the signature sound of the group. Price left the Animals in ’65, not happy with the rigors of the road and their new-found fame, but in ’64 and ’65, the Animals with Price were golden. The trend continued with Dave Roweberry, his replacement. Let’s enjoy the song one more time. Thanks to for the info, and keep on rockin’

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Hey thanks for this Charlie Mac – a great song & I just downloaded it from iTunes on account of you. Unaccountably it's not on the Greatest Hits album I have. Did you know Carole King co-wrote this sucker? It turns out she wrote half the songs in all the world or something close to that.

I grabbed a download of When I Was Young while I was at it, as that also apparently wasn't deemed a great enuf hit to be on my CD either!