Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walk Softly...

... on this heart of mine...this is a personal to Mr. Whoamus: mystery solved! I'm reasonably certain that this is the second tune I was playing on last night at the open mic (couldn't hear the vocals very well from the back of the stage, but the riff sounds about right). I must admit I am a big Kentucky Headhunters fan - I especially like the old relic drums their drummer uses; looks like he ripped off the Metcalfe County marching band or something. It was great fun to pull that off...and by the way, here is a little capsule review of Odessey and Oracle:

1) It sounds just as fresh and new to me now as it did in 1969 when I bought the LP
2) This must have been their answer to "Abbey Road" - you can hear a lot of Macca in the bass lines
3) I'd put this up against anything XTC ever put out, or the output of any number of indie pop bands around today

Thanks again for sharing! Keep on rockin'!

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

That is absolutely it Mr. Mac!

Your playing on that -- & in the whole set, really -- was just very impressive. You were just right THERE all the time. I wish I had figured out how to record it for you! Next time ...